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4 September, 2018

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H5 design Project

Tender Notice | 16 August, 2018

I. Brief Introduction:

1. Procurement Entity:China Mobile International Limited (CMI)
2. Tendering Objective:With the purpose of lifting JegoTrip’s marketing competitiveness among its counterpart,   CMI intends to co-operate with a company specialized in H5 design.
3. Service Duration: From the date of contract signed to December 31 2018

II. Tendering Documents Obtain and Proposal Submission Time: 

1. Deadline: August 22, 2018, 3PM Hongkong time
2. Tendering Documents: Any interested bidder shall contact CMI for tendering documents before the deadline of the tender, the contact information is as below: 
Name: Gustaf Gao
Tel : + 86 13926531003
Email: gustafgao@cmi.chinamobile.com
3. For enquires via email, please use“CMI-RFT-XXXX Project -XXX”, while XXX refers to the FULL name of tenderer’s company.

Network Quality Monitoring Probe Deployment Project

Tender Notice | 15 August, 2018

1. Basic Information:

1. Procurement Entity:China Mobile International Limited and its subsidies
2. Project Background:Probe deployment for the network quality monitoring
3. Tender Information:Please refer to tender documents 
4. Target Earliest Commercial Launch Date:Oct, 2018

2. Tender Submission

1. Submission Deadline:11:00 a.m., 23 August 2018 (HKT)
2. Any interested bidder shall contact CMI for tender documents before the deadline, the contact information is as below: 
Ms. Sharon T. Kwok
Tel: + 852 3958 3774
Email: sharonkwok@cmi.chinamobile.com

Lead Consultancy Services(Phase II)For China Mobile International Limited New Data Centre Development in San Jose, CA, US

Tender Notice | 14 August, 2018

I.Brief Introduction:

1. Procurement Entity:China Mobile International Limited
2. Tendering Object:Project Management, Principle Designer, Quantity Surveying, MEP Design with Testing and Commissioning, Architectural, Structural and Security Consultancy Services(Phase II)
3. Target Earliest Commercial Launch Date:N/A

II.Requested Qualifications of Bidder: 

1. The bidder, at the time of submitting the Proposal, shall be a limited company registered under the law of the bidder’s county/region. 
2. The bidder shall have reputable business record and relevant project implementation experience. 
3. The bidder shall possess appropriate and essential human resource, capital, equipment, technology and tools, etc., regarding of the project and its qualification. 

III.Proposal Submission: 

1. Deadline:10:00am, 5th Sep 2018, HongKong Time
2. Tendering :Any interested bidder shall contact Mr. Tim Zhang for tendering documents. 
Tel : + 852 3958 3770
Email: timzhang@cmi.chinamobile.com