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CEO Message

Dr. Li Feng
Chairman & CEO
China Mobile International Limited

CMI Milestones

New Digitalized Travel Experience

Innovative and Diversified Future

Connectivity Boosts Industrial Upgrading

Innovating a New Era, Digitizing the Future

Integrating Cloud & Network, Converging Infinite Intelligence

Connecting the World, Leading the Innovation

Growth & Expansion—
The Development of Global Cable System

Hand in Hand for a Bright Future

Customer Testimonial

"2020 is a significant year for both China Mobile and True Corporation. I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulation to China Mobile International Limited on its 10th anniversary. Also, I would like to celebrate the 6th anniversary of our strategic partnership, which successfully commenced in September 2014."

Justin Ang

Deputy Group Chief Commercial Officer

True Corporation

"Persistence is the key to success. In the past ten years, CMI has always been committed to expanding the global deployment of "Cable, PoP, IDC" with its abundant submarine/terrestrial cables and data center resources to continuously enhance competitiveness. It also provides us with secure and efficient connectivity services and professional cloud solutions. We are grateful to work with CMI and we look forward to creating a better digital era together in the future."

Selina Yuan


Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International

"China Mobile International's JegoTrip is a great and convenient one-stop travel booking platform. We look forward to further expanding our cooperation with JegoTrip and its talented team, and to continue to play a key role in their rapid growth."

Damien Pfirsch

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships & Programs


"Congratulations to China Mobile International on your ten year anniversary. We look forward to building our partnership further over the next ten years and celebrating the twenty year anniversary."

Nick Wooten

MVNO Director of BT Wholesale

British Telcom

"Ten years of ups and downs, we work together to create a bright future. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the CMI's establishment, PT.Kawasan Industri Terpadu Indonesia China expressed our sincere congratulations, and wish that CMI will continue to brave the wind and the waves, make every success to go further!"

Fan Zhiming


PT.Kawasan Industri Terpadu Indonesia China

"Thanks for CMI’s support, we can still receive the warm service provided by China Mobile in a foreign country and feel the warmth of hometown!"

Liu Junlin

Senior Business Development Director

Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation

"Jegotrip is one of our most important partners. During the past 3 year of collaboration, we have built a strong partnership that creates great values for both parties. Throughout countless campaigns and hard works, we've now become one team in spirit. Whenever and wherever help is needed, we can always count on their professional team and receive the best supports possible. Jegotrip offers a unique platform for both lifestyle and travel, which creates great values for both consumers and partners. We are very grateful to become a long-term partner with JegoTrip and very much look forward to all the great things this partnership can bring to both parties in the days to come."

Albert Zhao



Event Highlight

10 September 2020

Launch Ceremony of the 10th Anniversary of China Mobile International Limited

06 November 2020

CMI 10th Anniversary Calligraphy Competition

13 October 2020

International Cultural Festival

17 September 2020

"Exploring CMI’s Journey towards success" Online Quiz Competition

24 August 2020

Announcement of CMI 10th Anniversary Logo and Slogan

21 August 2020

Creative Coloring & Drawing Competition

10 September 2020

Launch Ceremony of the 10th Anniversary of China Mobile International Limited


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Staff Sharing

Greeting messages from CMI Americas

CMI makes me see how I grew up these years, like an entrepreneur from scratch. Now, we have reached the leading position in the industry, I think CMI has given me an incredible journey.

Hong Kong & Macau Unit
Vincent Ho

Our team is in charge of Global PoP Project, which has a high requirement in terms of completion time as well as quality. December is usually the busiest time for us, everyone of the team needs to take their own role, collaborate with others, contribute their ideas and work in concerted efforts to overcome the different time-zone and make sure that all projects could be finished well.

Planning & Development
Zoey Cheng

CMI starts international business with traditional services like roaming, organic voice, and now be among biggest voice hubbing and international data service providers. We are reaching our mission with full fledged international telecom services, ranging from fundamental products to many new services.

Vietnam Rep Office
Manh Truc Nguyen

"Zero to One" is an entrepreneurial process, which has experienced confusion, trial and error, work overtime in days and nights, I also meet a group of good friends. Appreciate to the company for providing an excellent platform for us. Meanwhile, the company has always encouraged innovation. Giving the room for mistakes, I have improved my professional ability, the company taking me forward and growing, bringing the "continuous learning, continuous innovation" idea to all aspects of life.

Enterprise Business
Priscilla Yang

During my 8 years in CMI, I switched from the carrier business to the consumer business, which is a big challenge for me, but I am glad to take up the challenges. For my life, I have become a father of two daughters and got an MBA from HKUST. Many important things have happened in these eight years. CMI offers us an excellent opportunity to develop and encourages us to be better.

Platform Business
Reeky Chen

The most valuable thing is that CMI has continually contributed to process optimization and innovation in a rapidly evolving business environment, to modernize and digitize specific processes, and increases work efficiency. CMI is an international company, and our goal is to build a world-class enterprise, our working environment is becoming more diverse, and CMI is becoming a multilateral, globalized place.

Mobile Business
Jammy Wen

The most valuable harvest should be my growth. I started my career in CMI on December 12th, 2012 which has been nearly eight years now. CMI has witnessed every growth of me, and I have witnessed the continuous expanding of CMI. CMI is not only a job for me, but also a very important existence in my life.
I hope to see CMI become a more dynamic and outstanding company with infinite innovation.

Hong Kong & Macau Unit
Josie Fu

The most important thing that CMI has brought to me is offering a cohesive team, and everyone is very supportive. Over the years at the company, I've done a lot of cross-sectoral projects, and I've been able to receive support and encouragement from other colleagues, which is something very valuable to me.

Product Support
Nature Wang

After joining the company, work and life become closely related. As the corporate culture is not only improving the work model, but also changing my life habits and attitude towards people. It offers me a great sense of achievement and satisfaction of work so that I am willing to share with friends; my work and life are inseparable.

Ryan Tse

The positive atmosphere of concentrated learning during GGT training,a variety of volunteer activities that our company organized to undertake social responsibility, and the implement of “Care for you” corporate culture leave me a deep impression.
It is the people I have met in the company, such as my supervisors, mentors, teammates, GGT peers, and all other coworkers. Because of their help, I can be a better me.

Platform Business
Constance Tan

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