CMI connects its brand new mobile communication service, from China and Thailand seamlessly

China Mobile International, CMI connects its brand new mobile communication service, from China and Thailand seamlessly - Two numbers, One SIM with limitless data usage!

28 March, 2019

Bangkok, 28 Mar 2019 - CMLink of China Mobile International (CMI) partners with Thai mobile carrier TrueMove H to roll out the first Thai/Chinese mobile communication service - CMLink TrueMove H Thailand 4G SIM,  targeting Chinese immigrants, employees of Chinese-invested enterprise and their family members in Thailand, students and tourists living in and travelling to Thailand. This mobile service uniquely offers existing CMLink members from overseas the exclusive benefits to enjoy the seamless connected mobile communication service.

“China Mobile currently has over 900 million mobile subscribers. China Mobile International is devoted to providing our high quality services to overseas market,” said Ms. Julie Ning, Country Head of Thailand Representative Office, China Mobile International Limited. “CMI has always been committed to continuously innovate, cooperate with our strategic partners, and integrate the most advanced technologies, in order to provide quality global and regional connection for outboard tourists and overseas Chinese. With increasing communications between China and Thailand, CMI decided to roll out CMLink Mobile service in Thailand, serving overseas Chinese in the region.”

“True Group is honored and proud to join hands with China Mobile International in launching CMLink TrueMove H Thailand 4G SIM service. This is another significant step for us to not only become a leader in telecommunication business in our country, Thailand, but also a regional player, standing strongly to compete in the Asia Pacific region. Our ongoing commitment is to continuously develop our national and regional telecommunication network and integrate new state-of-the-art technologies in order to deliver optimum service experiences and packages that meet different demands from all market segments,” said Mr. Justin Ang Keng Tiong, True Corporation Plc’s Deputy Group Chief Commercial Officer.

The United Nations (UN) Population Division indicates that the number of Chinese migrants in Southeast Asia has been on a steady rise from 2000 to 2017. In 2017, the number of Chinese individuals immigrating to Southeast Asia was around 460,000.Of that, more than one-third of the total moved to Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, with the most in Thailand.  Moreover, Thailand is one of the most unique travel destinations in Southeast Asia, attracting a vast amount of Chinese tourists. Ministry of Tourism & Sports of Thailand announced in 2018 that, Chinese visitors achieved first place in terms of amounts of revenue and tourists.
As an exclusive gateway to expand China Mobile’s business to international markets, CMI is committed to providing the most convenient and fastest mobile communication service for the Chinese community from all over the world in order to establish “Big Connectivity”. To better serve the overseas Chinese community, CMI rolled out the CMLink membership service, which allows members to manage their overseas mobile communication service and access different digital services with ease via its membership website and through its WeChat official account. For the first time ever, CMI establishes CMLink service in Southeast Asia countries, following their launch in the UK and Japan in 2017 and 2018, respectively.  Expanding on CMI’s value and vision of “Big Connectivity”, CMI sets a great milestone of providing such advantageous and unique service in Thailand to better connect the Chinese with their home. 
Guests, including executives from CMI and True, representatives of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Kingdom of Thailand and enterprise client like Sinopec, attended the Thailand product sharing ceremony, experiencing the brand new service together.

The exclusive advantages of CMLink TrueMove H Thailand 4G SIM:
•    Two numbers, one SIM: get SMS messages forwarded from any mainland China Mobile number to your Thai CMLink SIM for free. 
•    With this SIM, customers may enjoy 1000 minutes of free calls from Thailand to any China Mobile numbers in the mainland China. 
•    Offers different kinds of long term and short term plans. For all plans, data service continues even when the customers have used up their data quota in the pack.
•    Free data for Wechat, Weibo and QQ*. 
•    Supports multiple payment methods, including Wechat Pay, Alipay, and Union Pay, etc. 
New users can register to become a CMLink member for free through its official website, purchase the SIM card, and link the China number, top up or recharge the plan online. With free delivery to Mainland China, Hong Kong and Thailand, users can enjoy the high-quality mobile communication service provided by CMI and TrueMove H instantly. 
*It is not applicable to in-app functions of Voice call, Video call and browsing of third-party sites. 


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