China Mobile International Launches iSolutions Cloud-Network Integration Platform

China Mobile International Launches iSolutions Cloud-Network Integration Platform

8 May, 2019

China’s first global cloud-network platform integrates multiple cloud-service providers over a trusted global network

May 8, 2019 – China Mobile International (CMI) today launched its iSolutions cloud-network integration solution in Hong Kong, giving multinational enterprises a one-stop solution with self-service deployment and the ability to manage all their cloud and network products on a single platform that makes cloud services more visible, accessible and manageable. 

Ninety percent of organizations will have some part of their applications or infrastructure in the cloud this year, according to the 2018 IDG Cloud Computing study. Companies already use a mix of cloud delivery models and strategies, and rely on multiple vendors, with more than half now seeking to manage these providers as a whole rather than separately. 

Built on CMI’s extensive global network, iSolutions allows customers to easily self-deploy and manage cloud and network products from the world’s leading cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Baidu Cloud Engine and  UCloud. The solution initially covers 60 Cloud Connect POPs spanning 47 cities worldwide, enabling enterprise customers to easily manage their cloud and network products around the world in one single platform. 

Speaking at the launch event in Hong Kong, where he was joined by representatives from CMI’s eight cloud service provider partners, Dr. Li Feng, Chairman & CEO of China Mobile International, said: “Our cloud service provider partners represent the highest level of service in the global cloud market. CMI has recently increased its investment in cable systems, PoPs and data centers. In collaboration with the world’s finest cloud service providers, we will leverage our combined advantages to provide global enterprises with a one-stop carrier-grade cloud-network solution and customizable attentive professional services.”

Agile iSolutions Makes Cloud and Network Products More Visible, Accessible and Manageable 
Using traditional processes, cloud provisioning can take 30 days for planning and delivery. The CMI iSolutions cloud-network integration solution allows customers to review cloud products intuitively, configure what they need, and deploy it within seconds, saving time and resources. Customers can access the CMI iSolutions one-stop-shop cloud-network integration solution anytime to: purchase cloud services; track and monitor service status and usage; quickly review logs and troubleshoot problems; easily manage the product life cycle; and customize their bills and notification services.

iSolutions Cloud-Network Service is Highly Secure and Reliable 
CMI has an extensive and reliable global network, with nine self-built submarine and eight terrestrial cable resources, five self-built data centers, 164 PoPs and 60 Cloud Connect PoPs, providing enterprise customers with an unprecedented 99.99 percent guaranteed uptime service level agreement (SLA). Leveraging China Mobile’s whole new fibre infrastructure in China, CMI offers customers comprehensive value-added data services, plus 24x7 support via its network operations centre.

CMI’s Open Cloud-Network Ecosystem Caters to the Needs of Different Verticals 
CMI can help customers migrate to its iSolutions platform easily and quickly. CMI currently provides cloud-network services to many global enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies. 

Early adopters of the iSolutions cloud-network solution include a commercial video streaming platform that initially needed cloud service deployment in Hong Kong and then extended its business platform overseas. With the assurance of CMI’s dedicated access and data center, the business has improved its user experience, even for those in overseas locations, enabling its international expansion. 

A leading international online educational institution has also adopted iSolutions cloud-network solution. With a requirement for high network stability and security, it relies on CMI's cloud connection service to achieve reliability, low latency, flexible bandwidth and fast configuration while accommodating spikes in data transmission across different regions. 

CMI is now seeking to bring more cloud service providers onto its iSolutions cloud-network integration platform in order to enrich the cloud-network ecosystem and address the specific needs of customers in different industries.

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