China Mobile International Upgrades mCloud Platform to Enhance User Experience Through Collaborations with Cloud Partners

China Mobile International Upgrades mCloud Platform to Enhance User Experience Through Collaborations with Cloud Partners

14 October, 2019

One-stop global cloud-network platform now provides more coverage and convenience for enterprise customers, plus free trials

China Mobile International Limited (CMI) today announced that the latest version of the cloud-network integration platform mCloud is available online. The upgraded mCloud supports wider cloud connections and covers more cloud service providers. It simplifies the online order system by enabling e-payment to improve the overall experience and demonstrates the true meaning of ‘Putting the Cloud at your Fingertips’ by providing more convenience to customers. CMI is committed to creating an integrated cloud-network system with cloud service partners and enhancing our services to help customers expand their businesses globally. Since the launch of mCloud on 8th May, CMI has been helping multinationals deploy and manage innovative cloud and network products. The company has continued to strengthen collaboration with its partners and innovate based on our customers’ needs.  

More Convenience with Wider Cloud Coverage, and Online Deployment of Cloud Connect 
The upgraded mCloud has expanded the cloud ecosystem to provide customers with greater support and faster deployment of hybrid-cloud interconnection. This allows customers to run enterprise workloads, linking Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Huawei Cloud etc. The new platform also allows users to create an account on public cloud platforms such as AWS, Alibaba Cloud and Huawei Cloud and generate invoices automatically. 

The mCloud network spans across a total of 47 cities worldwide, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, London and Los Angeles. It enables enterprise customers to easily manage all their cloud and network products around the world on one single platform. mCloud will soon extend its coverage to 24 cloud connections in 19 cities around the world. 

New Online Service Protocol: Enhanced Payment System and Self-service Features 
To accommodate the evolving billing and payment needs of SMEs and provide them with more flexibility, the upgraded mCloud enables customers to pay online via credit card. mCloud’s All-in-one Billing Centre has an enhanced billing settlement system to deliver more convenience to customers and help them take advantage of volume discounts and resolve billing issues more easily and quickly. To improve user experience, 24x7 self-services are available to customers to address their immediate problems.

New Customers Can Enjoy Free Trial and Discounts with Trial Before Purchase Program
To enhance pre-sales customer experience and lower the barriers to entry, CMI has introduced a “Trial Before Purchase Program” that allows customers to try the cloud-network solution for free (up to 30 days or USD 500) through online application on mCloud. During the trial period, customers can use cloud connectivity services and SD-WAN solutions free of charge. By receiving coupons provided by our partners, customers can try out high quality multi-cloud services with electronic payment options and enjoy discounts. 

Built on a strong and extensive global network, CMI continues to provide enterprise customers with an unprecedented 99.99 percent guaranteed uptime service level agreement (SLA), comprehensive data services and 24x7 support. As China’s first global cloud-network platform, mCloud continues to give customers a one-stop cloud-network solution that makes the cloud more visible, accessible and manageable.

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