China Mobile joined forces with Korea Telecom for the first-ever 5G roaming demonstration

China Mobile joined forces with Korea Telecom for the first-ever 5G roaming demonstration

31 May, 2019

photo of event

China Mobile and Korea Telecom (KT) joined forces to demonstrate 5G roaming for the first time in history on 23rd May 2019, during which a KT user roamed on the 5G network of China Mobile for use cases like eSports live streaming. This demonstration is the first-ever successful 5G roaming case around the world and an important milestone which will facilitate the development and international cooperation on 5G technology.

During the demonstration, Senior Executive Vice President of China Mobile, Mr. Jian Qin and KT President watched the first High-Definition livestream on an eSports platform based on 5G international roaming, filled with seamless real-time video calls and combat scenes during the whole demonstration. It greatly demonstrated the highlights of 5G technology such as ultra-high throughput and ultra-low latency. This successful demonstration is especially significant for exploring 5G commercialization in international settings and China’s strategy of industrial internationalization of medium-frequencies like 2.6G. 

Domestically, China Mobile has already launched 5G field trial and demonstration in 17 cities. At the same time, 5G infrastructure construction will be initiated in more than 40 cities this year, to realize 5G pre-commercial stage in 2019 and commercialization target in 2020.

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