IoT Solutions and Services


China Mobile’s IoT service runs on a world class dedicated network infrastructure with high reliable, secure, fast speed and widely 4G coverage in China. We provide a variety form of M2M SIM Cards and multiples Data/ SMS/Voice plans to meet your needs based on different application scenarios. We also provide platform integration solutions for carrier customers.


Carrier grade platform

With dedicated, secure, reliable wireless mobile network

Massive local connections

And a wealth of operation experience

Cost saving

And various of data plans


M2M SIM Card

With service area within Mainland China

Sufficient number resources


Support 2G/4G

Data and SMS communication services,

Various card sizes

Standard, Micro, Nano

Two types of form

Plug-in, SMD

Two types of encapsulation material

Standard (ABS/PVC) and Industrial-grade (Industrial plastic or ceramic)

Multiple Data/SMS/Voice plans

Ranging from 10M to 500M data, and 10 to 200 SMS

Sharing data pool function

Can be applied if there are large amount of cards

Customer Portal

Is provided to monitor card’s status, check accounting information, traffic usage, balance and etc.

Provide testing

And silent period flexible billing to fulfill customer needs

Provide various network access method

Public internet access, MPLS VPN, IEPL and etc.

Provide various of API

Inferences to manage large amount of SIM card



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