Data and network security management


In today’s digital world, it is very common for everyone to shop online and pay bills online. If networks are not secure, hackers can easily steal credit card information and use them. In addition, the recent rise of the Ransomware has led to the important data of companies being "encrypted", with victims required to pay a "ransom" to save the data. The worst case of this scenario is if the data cannot be decrypted even once the "ransom" has been paid, resulting in data loss and business suspension. In view of this, CMI provides a wide range of protection to customers. Even for customers who are not IT security experts, CMI security solutions can help take measures to protect your network and data, reducing risks and threats.

CMI security solutions provide you with comprehensive protection solutions from outside to inside. This includes external network attacks, intranet attacks, servers, applications and endpoint devices. Customers do not need to worry about network security issues such as the distributed denial of service attacks, data leakage, viruses, phishing, data loss, Ransomware, hacker attacks and other threats.

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Data and network security management



From equipment to the overall solution, CMI provides you with a one-stop solution


Provides various ranges and types of professional services

Multi-country support

Security services cover multiple countries

Multiple brands support1

Provide a solution based on your brand preference

1. Equipment brands and models are subject to clearance requirements


Multi-brand support1

We provide you with different brands to choose

"Tailor-made" Solutions

For different business environments

Complete deployment services

From procurement, shipping, customs clearance through to installation

Flexible billing model

One-time payment and installment payment options

Data leakage prevention

Reduce the risk of data leakage due to equipment loss

Omni-directional protection

Protect you against viruses and hackers

User Portal

For control and management with an ease to use

1. Equipment brands and models are subject to clearance requirement


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