Data backup and disaster recovery


In recent years, different viruses have led to data attacks; such as having data encrypted by Ransomware, data storage problems, or employees wrongly modifying / deleting the data etc. It's too late to find a solution by the time when the problem has been discovered.

The CMI Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solution provides customers with data protection solutions that back up important data before an accident occurs, minimizing data loss volume and reducing the impact on business operations.


Data backup and disaster recovery


Private and public cloud backup options

Different backup modes to suit different business needs

Easy installation

Simply install a client on the device to be backed up

Automatic recovery test

Makes sure that the backed up data can be retrieved

Offsite backup

Backup via the cloud platform, reduces any worry about site problems and the loss of data


Cloud backup

Data can be backed up to the local or public cloud

System compatibility

Supports backup for major operating systems and enterprise applications

Granular recovery technology

Supports fast recovery of data, and can restore specified files

Long-term preservation

Offers long-term preservation of specified data, such as financial data


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