JegoTrip International Roaming Data Package

JegoTrip, developed by China Mobile International Limited (CMI), is dedicated to providing a premium integrated travel platform to overseas China Mobile subscribers, which includes overseas data pack products, VOIP and travel living services.

JegoTrip is mainly designed for users who travel abroad. Those users usually have the following difficulties: high roaming charges, time-consuming travel planning, languages barriers and information asymmetry etc. In order to resolve these issues, JegoTrip provides an integrated digital platform, including communication and living services such as food, accommodation, transportation and shopping etc.

The Overseas Data Pack is provided by China Mobile in cooperation with overseas operators. It is a pre-paid product with high convenience as users do not need to change their SIM card or be equipped with any other devices. Users can choose different data pack products with the highest flexibility in accordance to their customized schedule any time. Currently, we support data pack products in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore. There will be more products of regions/countries will be launched in the future. China Mobile subscribers can purchase our products through the JegoTrip APP, the China Mobile official website, Alipay, C-trip, T-Mall shops, and many other channels.

JegoTrip provides more integrated premium travelling services to create a truly wonderful experience for every one of our subscribers.



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  • Navigation
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  • Travel Products

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